Stellar Pools Weekly Services 2

Weekly Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

No More Wondering If/When Your Pool Was Serviced! A few of the things that sets Stellar Pool Services apart from the competition is we use an advanced mobile water chemistry photometer to provide accurate onsite, weekly water chemistry testing. We use industry leading pool vacuums that operate independent from your pool circulation system, which reduces filter buildup, extending the life of your filters. This will also extend the time between filter cleanings.

Weekly Pool Service Includes:

  • Maintain proper water chemistry (chlorine, alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, conditioner level, and salt (if applicable)
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump basket
  • Empty automatic cleaner bags
  • Check automatic cleaner operation
  • Check pump pressure
  • Remove air from system
  • Check timer
  • Check for leaks
  • Skim spool surface (as needed)
  • Vacuum pool floor (as needed)
  • Brush pool walls and steps (as needed)
  • Filter back washing monthly for DE filters and weekly for sand filters
  • Maintain written service record of service visit
  • Email service report

Spintouch Water AnalyzerThe Latest Swimming Pool Scheduling and Testing Tools

Using the latest technology, Stellar Pool Services of Crofton, Maryland takes pool maintenance to the next level. Better communication, more accurate reports to make sure to provide the best customer service possible.

Stellar Pool Services uses sophisticated Pool Management Software which allows for:

  • Faster communication via email with customer
  • Expedite repairs by approving from your phone
  • Track pool chemical usage
  • Chemical calculator to ensure proper water chemistry
  • Maintain equipment list per location
  • Online bill pay
  • Notifications emailed when service is complete, including pictures and weekly report

Stellar Pool Weekly Services

Swimming Pool Opening and Closing Services

Let Stellar Pool Services do the heavy lifting. Spend less time maintaining your pool and more time entertaining and with family. Combine Opening or Closing Services with Weekly Cleaning Services for an even lower price.

Closing Services

  • Lower Water Level
  • Add Winterization Chemical
  • Blow Lines Free Of Water
  • Add Pool Safe Anti-Freeze to Plumbing
  • Plug Skimmer
  • Install Rubber Plugs in Return Lines
  • Air Lock Main Drain Line
  • Air Lock Floor Return Lines
  • Air Lock In Floor Cleaner Lines
  • Drain And Remove Plugs From All Equipment
  • Manually Clean DE Filter System
  • Cover Pool
  • Inspect Equipment
  • Remove Ladders / Handrails

Opening Services

  • Remove & Fold Cover
  • Store Cover On Customer’s Property
  • Reinstall All Pool Equipment
  • Reinstall Ladders And Handrails
  • Start Pool System
  • Check All Pool Equipment For Proper Function
  • Provide A Checklist Of All Services Performed

Additional Services

  • Brush Pool Surface
  • Vacuum Pool Surface
  • On-Site Water Analysis
  • Balance Water
  • Stock Balancing Chemicals
  • Lower Water Levels