Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re like most swimming pool owners, pool maintenance can feel overwhelming at times. It’s easy to make mistakes and not always so easy to correct them. In this article, we talk about common pool maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them. Rule #1 is always to add chemicals to water… never add water to chemicals. Observing this rule will help to keep your pool maintenance safer and more effective. Here are some things to avoid:

1. Adding Shock Directly Into the Pool Water

Adding shock directly into the pool water can be disastrous if you have a vinyl pool liner. It will bleach out your liner, cause it to be brittle and weak, and cause leaks… big trouble. Always dissolve the chemical in water before it’s added to the pool.

2. Trying to Clear Up an Algae Problems with an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Algae will clog your automatic pool cleaner, then blow the algae all over your pool. Automatic pool cleaners can work well, but don’t be tempted to use them if the pool is showing signs of algae growth. Using your regular pool vacuum works much better on algae.

3. Not Using Your Pool Brush

Don’t stop with vacuuming your pool. Get out that pool brush and scrub. Remember to tackle areas behind your ladder. Get into corners and crevices and give them a good scrub. Don’t forget the steps and stairs… they get the most traffic. Lastly, scrub at the waterline all around the pool. At least once a week, give your pool a good brushing.

4. Not Reacting to pH and Alkalinity Levels

Your pool’s pH and alkalinity levels have to be in the proper ranges for your chlorination to work. Ignoring these levels can also drop pH levels and lead to damaged pool equipment. Your pool pump, filter, solar blanket, heater, vinyl liner, and chemical feeder can all be damaged when you don’t pay attention to these readings. Test your swimming pool water and make adjustments as necessary.

5. Adding Swimming Pool Shock Through Your Skimmer

This is huge! Making this one mistake can cause your pool’s filter system to BLOW UP! Don’t use your pool shock anywhere near your skimmer. Wear suggested safety gear, and be careful!

6. Not Testing Your Pool Water Every Week

When you own a swimming pool, there’s a lot to remember and a lot to do. You should have a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly checklist of tasks that you must do to keep your pool in tip-top shape. Testing your pool water every week is essential, as it can make you aware of issues before they become major concerns. Whether you use a liquid test kit or test strips, check your water every week. Get a monthly in-depth analysis once a month from a pool specialist, but check it yourself every seven days.

At Stellar Pools, we take pride in helping to maintain our customer’s pools, ensuring that they always have a cool, clean place to relax and entertain in the Summer months. If we can help you with your pool maintenance, contact us today, and let’s set up a first consultation and analysis of your needs!