Maryland Pool Safety Tips

All pool owners in Maryland should understand the state laws that pertain to the use of swimming pools and keep everyone safe from the dangers that can result from improper pool maintenance. When considering requirements, most people think of fences or barriers to entry. While fences are required by law, other pool maintenance issues must be adhered to as well.

Mosquito Breeding Ground

Mosquitoes breed where pool water is stagnant and uncirculated. This causes a health hazard, as mosquitoes can carry illnesses. To address this safety concern, swimming pools must be equipped with a pump and filter to keep water circulated.

Have a First Aid Kit and Rescue Equipment Handy

Keep a life ring, life hook, or rescue tube handy. Put it in its own place, and make sure everyone knows where it is. Remember to check it now and then and make sure that it’s in good working order. Be sure to have your First Aid Kit replenished regularly.

Check for Slip Hazards Around the Pool

Kids and adults alike can slip on pool toys and other objects left around the pool. As the pool owner, check and make sure all slip hazards are removed and stowed while they are not being used.

Store Your Chemicals Safely

Pool chemicals are supposed to help with safety by killing germs in the water and preventing disease. But, they can become dangerous, even deadly, when they are not mixed properly. They should always be handled with protective gear and should be stored where they can’t be reached, and in a well-ventilated, locked area.

Pool Owners Should Know CPR

This precaution is necessary because you never know when you’ll need it. You can take a class through the American Red Cross, local hospitals, or fire departments. Take a class in person, so you know how to conduct this lifesaving action properly.

Maintain Safety Rules

Although there’s no law to govern it. It’s a good idea for you to have rules for the pool, especially for kids. Adults can get pretty crazy too, so consider having a “designated lifeguard” for adult pool parties. You want to include rules like:

  • Kids don’t swim without adult supervision
  • Pushing people into the pool is not allowed
  • No chasing or running around the pool
  • No diving into shallow water
  • No holding anyone under the water
  • No dunking anyone

Swimming pools mean lots of fun in the Summertime. In the off-season, be sure to keep your pool covered until it’s time to open it. At Stellar Pools, we can help with your pool maintenance. We will open it and treat it, maintain chemical balance throughout the summer, and close it at the end of the season. Make sure you get safety right… call us for an estimate today!