Pool and Hot Tub Leak Detection Services

Have you noticed your water level lower than normal in your pool? Take note. This could be the sign of a leak. Check a few places first. It could be a bad check valve or a broken auto-fill valve. But often it is a leak.

Slow leaks can come from multiple places. It could be the bond beam having a cold joint separation, bad drain seal or a crack in the skimmer. Fast leaks can be more obvious, such as a structural crack.

No matter why your pool is leaking, all leaks are cause for concern. You may call your regular pool maintenance company, but it’s better to call a certified Leak Detection Specialist using the correct equipment. That’s where Stellar Pool Service and LeakTronics leak detection equipment come in. With multiple tools to detect a variety of leaks, Stellar Pool Service can get your pool back in working order. LeakTronics uses the latest sound detection technology. Equipment used includes the LeakTronics Pool Scope, PipeMic, Deck Plate and Soil Probe.

The LeakTronics Pool Scope is the latest in listening technology with a much more sensitive mic than industry competitors. This tool is used to find leaks in pipes, drains, lines, cracks, tile joints and several other locations inside the pool itself.

The PipeMic detects leaks in your pools plumbing systems. Fitting in pipes as small as one inch, the PipeMic can specifically identify if there is a leak within your pools plumbing. It fits easily in slot drains, main drains, skimmer lines, spa jets, and return lines.

The Deck Plate allows our technician to listen through solid structures, such as brick, rock, and concrete. It helps to verify the location of an underground leak in your pools plumbing. With the addition of the Soil Probe, Stellar Pool Services will be able to locate precisely where and how deep the leak is.

Whether it’s pipes under concrete, multiple skimmers, drains or pump fittings, Stellar Pool Services will find the source of the pesky leak.